January 7, 2018

Jafac Foundation

Felix Idiga and Ada IdigaMy wife and I from a very young age understood that we have not truly made it until we are able to make a large impact in the lives of those in needs. We built Jafac foundation as a means to give back to the hungry, sick, needy. Saving lives is just one aspect of the foundation. The second is building dreams. Some have the knowledge and talent but lack the opportunity or financial stability to build their dreams. We make an effort to seek out these individuals and provide them with the opportunity to advance their educational or professional careers.

Dedicated To Giving Back

Our purpose is to build a generational enterprise and impact people with
positive values. Jafac Foundation’s activities span the key areas of Education,
Health and Social Responsibilities.

Felix Idiga jafac donates to nigerian youth
Felix Idiga's Jafac foundation dedicated to giving back
jafac foundation local donations
felix idiga's foundation
Jafac foundation hospital donations
Felix idiga dedicated to giving back to the community
jafac foundation's give back
jafac foundation donation
jafac foundation youth empowerment program
jafac foundation
jafac foundation youth program
jafac foundation
jafac foundation's Chinyere idiga giving back
felix idiga's foundation giving back
Jafac foundation by felix and lolo idiga's foundation
Chinyere idiga wife of Felix Idiga Jafac giving back to the youth

“We make a considerable effort to help others through the gift our time,
donations, goods and encouragement.” Chinyere Idiga

Privileged To Save Lives

Touching lives in Nigeria
Jafac Foundation empowers 7000 youth
Felix Idiga and his live changing initiatives
Orlu youth empowerment program sponsored by Jafac Group

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